Superintendent (Foreman)

Description of Job Duties::

This position is responsible for the planning, implementation, and supervision of all project related activities to include: job layout and execution, daily operations and reporting, attending meetings, coordinating the job ordering, planning with dispatch for material, trucking, and equipment requirements, management of vendors and multiple pieces of heavy equipment, operators, laborers, and trucks onsite, implementation and management of all safety activities, and to be the “go-to” person on the job known as the competent person representing the company for all job decisions.

Other duties include::

  • Planning and coordinating all labor needs and what is to be done by each.
  • Reporting job status and activities to General Superintendent.
  • Planning and coordinating other construction trades onsite.
  • Attendance of weekly progress meetings with general contractor.
  • Reporting daily activities to administration and management.
  • Operating tools and equipment as needed such as shovels, saws, bobcats,
    loaders, rollers and excavators.
  • Walking job site for evaluation and review, surveying, layout elevations,
    markings, and general maintenance of erosion controls.
  • Occasionally filling in for traffic control and directions as needed.
  • All other duties necessary for job safety, completion and reporting.

Conditions of Employment:

This position is required to arrive on the job first and to insure the job site closes properly for all company personnel. There may be time for lunch but because of its supervisory role, lunch and breaks will be when possible, rather than at establish times.
This position reports to the company superintendents and vice president of field operations, and communicates with the general contractor job site representative. Job hours may be subject to change with each job but will be dictated by contract and the general contractor onsite.

Working Environment:

Each construction job site may be different but generally consists of outside activities which may include temperature fluctuations from frigid to extremely heat, and can also include elements of wind, dust, rain, and snow. Other environmental issues may include loud noises, traffic, fumes and smells. Duties will require standing, benching, kneeling, walking, balancing, and lifting on dirty and at times uneven terrain and surfaces.


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