Employee Highlights



Jon Rothfolk is finishing up his first project for us. The GC's team is so happy with Jon and our work!

Alex Dubon finished up his first job at Pentagon C. He did a great job and Bozzuto has given us very positive feedback about him.

Alan Jones has diligently been moving the 40 Patterson project to completion. He always does more than what is asked of him. Donohoe is pleased with our performance!

David Goldsmith has done great work at 750 Chain Bridge. Pyramid Builders speaks very highly of him and that he has great listening skills. An integral part of this project, hands down.

Daren Shultz Jr. Goes above and beyond everyday, no matter what is asked of him. Daren keeps his team moving efficiently and stays on task!

Daren Shultz Sr. leads by example and truly gets the most out of his team. Daren has been such a big help to Kevin and everyone running our projects every day!

Don George: We see very little downtime with Don helping us purchase and take care of our equipment. He has brought in Caterpillar and John Deere reps and we’ve been able to bring operators to his shop for classes/training. Don helps us get the best pricing as well!

Willis Nedd will run any piece of equipment that we need to complete the task at hand. We seldom have to rent a dozer to go behind his grading to fine grade. He gets it that close! Willis is a team player and will help with any aspect of the project!



Oscar Alcantara is moving on from G&S. He started as a laborer and has become a very dependable operator. A complete package! He will be missed. Oscar and his family are moving back to Honduras. Good Luck, Oscar!

James Hubbard welcomed a healthy baby boy to his life on February 26th. Little James weighs 8lbs and is 21” long. Congratulations!!